How to choose a good e-scooter ?

For begginners, it will be confusing to choose an e-scooter suitable, with various parameters presented by brands.

Here are some quick explication for important parameters of an e-scooter. You will be able to read all these information and choose one easily.

Top Speed:

Brands always give Top Speed of their e-scooter. Then how to choose ?

If you want an e-scooter with extreme performance, like really sportive and you enjoy speed. There are scooters whose speed go up to 85km/h. And We recommend wearing safety gear when traveling at those speeds.

If you just want an e-scooter for daily ride. 30km/h-40km/h is enough for a good ride and your safety is more guaranteed.

Tip: Always wear a helmet when riding your scooter at any speed.

Rider Weight:

The max load is the weight limit that the electric scooter can support. For most scooters, this limit ranges from 100 kgs to 160 kgs. If you weigh more than this, you’ll want to make sure you’re looking at scooters that can support your weight. For safety reasons, you shouldn’t exceed the weight limit specified by the manufacturer.

Keep in mind that if you’re at the top of the limit, the e-scooter will be slower and have less range compared to a lighter rider. Also consider if you’ll be carrying a backpack or anything else that will add to the overall weight the scooter will bear. For riders near or above 100 kgs, you should focus on electric scooters with at least a 500-watt motor.

Motor Power:

Adult electric scooters have hub motors, which are brushless direct current (BLDC) motors that are built into the hub of the wheels. All electric kick scooters have at least one motor while more powerful ones will have dual motors.

Electric motors are rated based on their power consumption, which is expressed in units of watts. Motor power generally starts at 200 watts and goes all the way up to 6000 watts.

A larger motor doesn't mean a higher speed, but a faster acceleration and a better hill climbing performance. For adults, its better to chose a motor of minimum 350 watts for daily use. If you live in an area with steeper hills, then a 500 watts motor will be needed. 


Suspension, similar to that in a car, smooths out bumps and indentations in the road and improves ride quality. Without it, and especially if you have solid (airless) tires, you will feel every bump that you travel over. If your commute is longer or has rough terrain to cross, strongly consider purchasing a scooter with suspension. 

Suspension can be attached to the front, rear, or both wheels. Scooters in the premium commuter class should have either front or rear suspension.


E-scooters usually have white front lights and red rear lights. If you ride in the night, it will be essentiel to have both. Besides, some e-scooters have turn lightsm which can improve the security of riding. But even with all these lights, we recommend strongly to wear your helmet or backpack while riding after dark.

For some scooters, they have joyful ambient lights which add to the enjoyment of riding an e-scooter in the night and of course make your ride safer.


  • Drum brakes are enclosed inside the wheel hub, are generally lower maintenance than other braking types, and have consistent performance in wet conditions.
  • Disc brakes have the most stopping power and are lighter than drum brakes. They are typically found on higher-end premium commuter and high-performance scooters, but may appear on better quality budget commuter scooters as well.


There are solid tires and pneumatic tires. And the latter is better than the former because they give better ride quality (with or without suspension) and their supple rubber performs much better in adverse road conditions. Some air-filled tires have inner tubes that can be replaced if damaged; other air-filled tires are tubeless. Pneumatic tires have the advantage of shock absorption and better handling (especially in bad weather). 

 Tip: Peumatic tires can considerably improve your riding experience. Choose peumatic tires if your budget allow.

IP Rating:

The ingress protection or IP rating tells you how resistant an electric scooter is to dust and water. The IP rating consists of two numbers, but we focus on the second because it tells you how water-resistant the scooter is. The greater the number is — the more resistant it is to water and moisture. 


IPx1 - 3: Very limited water resistance

IPx 4- 6: Suitable for riding in the rain

IPx 7+: Can be fully submerged in water

Direct from China:

Buying directly from China is cost savings, which can be significant. But before order an e-scooter from China, please check the time of delivery and warranty. 


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